Joy, Gratitude, Wonder. 3 wood panel paintings


3 paintings in the series Joy, Gratitude, Wonder.

I decided to try using wood panel instead of canvas as I thought it could be more cost efficicient and yet still be a nice base. I tottled off to my local wood shop place thingey, whatever you call it, and asked the nice man to cut me about 12 pieces equal size out of a plank. I decided I would just do a standard size and live with it and do whatever came to mind rather than trying to ask for specific sizes to suit pre-ordaned concepts. From memory it was a little less than $50NZ for the 12 pieces which I decided in the end was cheaper than buying canvasses and I have quite enjoyed working on them. However the man informed me due to health regulations or some-such he was not allowed to saw the pieces individually for me and so I had to make a trip next door at his suggestion to a cabinet makers who was receiving no money from me in this transaction to use the drop saw machine to do the equal pieces. Everyone was very helpful but I decided I would have to find a way to get them cut elsewhere next time as I didn’t like interrupting busy people to do something for nothing. The edges were a little rough but a small amount of sanding took care of that.

The inspiration to play around with collage and the different media I used came from a book I got out of the library called Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. I think this series incorporates many firsts for me; first time on wood panel, first time incorporating writing into art, first time using scrapbook paper in art, first time using encaustic (beeswax). I wasn’t super happy about the composition in the end as I didn’t plan it out before-hand very much. It just kind of evolved from the shapes leftover after the scrapbook paper was stuck on but I think for some art containing a lot of first trys at various aspects it’s not too bad.

Honestly there’s so many firsts here for me including mediums. This was the first time I’ve used gesso to seal the surface. Most canvasses you buy these days are pre prepared so you don’t need to but I had this need to understand what I didn’t know and because these were naked wood panels I bought some (Fas) gesso and sealed it first. It’s just kind of like thin white paint so not as mysterious as I thought so that’s another needless fear of the unknown medium conquered. It just stops the paint from bleeding into the substrate so much. Then I discovered this fantastic product which I used to stick the scrapbook paper on called 3d gloss super heavy gel (brand was Reeves) and it comes in a little tub and is kind of like white hair gel that acts a bit like pva or modge podge and gives a kind of glossy glue effect. The other first was modeling paste, no I tell a lie, I used that in simplicity series so this was a second use. I just used it around the edge of the bodies to create a kind of border wall to keep the wax in. The beeswax was organic native  beeswax from Go Native but if you don’t live in NZ you would want to find a closer source. I had so much fun using this and it was relatively easy. You just melt it gently on the stovetop in a pot then use your brush to paint it on. It dries fast which is a little challenging but it creates this cool murky layer of depth and you can polish it later if you prefer a shiny effect. So far it hasn’t cracked or melted or anything so I think it’s reasonably durable. I got that buzz I always get with a new thing where I was like “wahoo I’m going to be an encaustic artist now and do everything in wax” which lasted a few days but has now worn off.

And for my final experiment I am currently attempting to sell these online so I’ll let you know how that goes. I didn’t want to go there but what the hell I thought I’d try it. Wish me luck!

2 Comments on “Joy, Gratitude, Wonder. 3 wood panel paintings”

  1. gonerustic says:

    These are great – hope you make some sales too! =D

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