Simplicity Series One – Acryllic paintings

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This a series of three paintings I have just recently finished called Simplicity Series One. It is inspired by the illustrations on the cover of Simplicity patterns. Around the edges I have incorporated actual sewing patterns in collage form and the rest is acrylic paint and a small amount of modelling paste. I was going to try and sell these in a cafe but I have not worked up the courage yet to go and ask.

I should add that the sewing patterns are vintage styles that I’ve collected not modern ones but you can probably tell that.

Acrylic painting

Artist Paula Egginton – Simplicity Series One

3 Comments on “Simplicity Series One – Acryllic paintings”

  1. Anonymous says:

    well done Paula i like you inventive thoughts with this series cos yeah the fifties era did have a very simpletic art form …love the idea of the edge you used too …

  2. gonerustic says:

    Love the way you’ve used old sewing patterns both as inspiration and materials! =D

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