Movable parts and everything!

Riddle me this. Q: When is a women not a women? A:When she’s a manequin.

figure cut-out manequin

Figure study cut out of cardboard and pinned together.

This was a figure study I did where I started out copying a sketch from this great book I got out of the library about figure drawing. Sorry can’t remember the name but I was was working my way through it page by page just trying out the techniques suggested. This was one where you think of the body as relatively simple shapes and cut out pieces of cardboard and I think you were just mean to make a collage but I had the idea to create a manequin with moving parts as I’ve seen done elsewhere. One day I might make one where I decorate the pieces properly with drawing and material to make a person with a costume and perhaps one could attach sticks for moving the arms and legs and make a puppet show. For now I just enjoyed the process of making the figure out of shapes. It’s not perfectly proportioned. Its just meant to be a fun excercise.


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