Struggling with heart – post valentines analysis


This is a little late for valentines day but thats ok because its not meant as a valentine as such. It is a metaphor but not for my relationship. Its just an idea that popped into my head when thinking about how much women struggle with issues of the heart. A lot of women have such big hearts and really put a lot of energy into trying to get things working and in the right place in their love lives and I just got this image of a woman having a very physical struggle with pushing this big pulpy heart into place after it had fallen over and threatened to allow itself to get burried. 

I’m not saying that men don’t have big hearts or that they don’t struggle with them by the way its just that this was an idea that popped into my head and I am concentrating at the moment on catching those fleeting crazy ideas before they slink off feeling unwanted. I do want you crazy ideas, come one come all.

2 Comments on “Struggling with heart – post valentines analysis”

  1. I love it! Beautiful illustration and a cool idea 🙂

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