Girl being lifted by balloons

Whoah! So out of practice with my blog it took me ages to remember how to do a post! Two feeble excuses for my absence which I am sure has been noticed by none but myself. One I got put down to two days only at work which was a very distracting drama, just a result of not enough work of the kind I do i.e creative. Two my handbag got stolen which had my pack of staedtler pens in it and my watercolor pad with my fox picture and my picture of my son. Boo too! Some nasty villains have my art.

So I am currently at home and yes I should be working on my portfolio website (@husband and sister). However instead I have created this metaphor for my current state of affairs which is to feel uplifted by the ideas and possibilities that surround me now. Ironically the theft created the situation that I had the ink pen buying decision to make all over again. This time feeling a little less financial I opted for one pen only being this time the brand “artline”  at a 0.5 weight. Ideally I think it would be good to get a 0.1 as well but that’ll do for this little pig for now.

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