New Zealand waxeye bird watercolour

waxeye bird

Watercolour painting of New Zealand waxeye bird.

This was going to be a card for my Mum. We share a birthday tomorrow. But I left it as a painting rather than write on the back and put it in an envelope and gave it to her today. We had lunch at a gorgeous little cafe called Little and Friday where they make decadent mini quiches like feta and caramelised onion and unbelievably yummy cupcakes. Last year my birthday was a teaparty in a band rotunda when it was pouring with rain. Its raining again this year. What’s with that?

My point is it’s a nice idea if you’re an artist to do a little painting as a card. Cards cost sometimes up to $8 if they’re really nice and I used to always make my own as a kid. My sister and I had a thing going where I would write the poem to go inside and she would do the illustration for the card. That watercolour paper I mentioned in my last post is quite good for doing a quick card because it will fold easily.

For a folding card tips are use a pencil and ruler preferably a steel one for accuracy. Measure twice, and make small light marks with the pencil at the full length and half length for the fold. Put down newspaper first and use a blade if you have one rather than scissors to cut along the edge of the steel ruler. Once cut out line the ruler up down the spine and use the back edge of the blade or the blunt part of your scissors to score a light line down the fold and then fold it. That way the card will have a professional looking fold rather than creases and wrinkles. And voila, a homemade card.

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