Watercolour paper, ‘Fox Over the Moon’

fox watercolour painting

Ink and watercolour, 'Fox Over the Moon' on Bockingford paper

This is my latest offering. I scuttled off to the Gordon Harris art supply shop in my lunch break last week and bought an A5 sized pad of Bockingford watercolour paper. In the background you can see my A3 sized pad. I figure I need to keep one in my bag so I can encourage myself to knock off an illustration in any spare time. This is in my opinion the best watercolour paper and it really makes a difference to your art to have it on proper paper. I think I was lucky as a kid to have a sister who knew all this stuff so I’ve known about what materials to use since I was young even if I couldn’t always afford to buy them.

As I used the Staedtler pens mentioned in my previous post Foxy purchase or what a mug! You decide. as promised I decided it was worth keeping with the foxy theme. I found a lovely photo of a fox leaping through the wheat fields and the idea came to me of what if he was leaping so high he could leap the moon. Master:3 was able to tell it was a fox even before I coloured it in which is great. I stole the time to paint by trying to get up a little early but it really should have been earlier as I was tumbled and had to paint with a jiggling junior in my lap.

4 Comments on “Watercolour paper, ‘Fox Over the Moon’”

  1. love the inky-ness in the sky

  2. mj monaghan says:

    Paula, I love this watercolor! I love art. I’m following you now!

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