Had to share this, Neverending Story

pages from book

Pages from Neverending Story book

Most of you will be familiar with the 1984 movie “The Neverending Story” but did you know it was based on a book by a German children’s book author Michael Ende?

This spread from the pages of the Neverending Story by Michael Ende shows the way different coloured inks have been used to clearly emphasize the story within a story concept. When Bastion is thinking or talking the story is in a sort of reddish brown ink and when the story of Fantasica/Fantasia is being told it’s in green ink. That is so cool and one of the reasons I had to buy the book and get the version that has this feature. It’s so cool. However I have just read that in the original version the inks are red and green and the colour ends up as a mixture of the two as the two worlds start to merge.

I understand why more authors don’t do this as it means printing in two colour inks instead of the traditional one, black only, thus making it more expensive but I wish authors could get away with doing stuff like this more often.

Spoiler alert

Was sitting around with some friends last night and the movie came up in disscussion. Duncan who does a movie review podcast, Spoiler Alert, related how as a child watching the movie he was absolutely gutted when the horse Artax sinks into the quicksand. After that point he says he just switched off and felt betrayed by how dark the story was. I remember feeling sad of course but I thought thats one of the things that makes it a brilliant story. Michael Ende also wrote one of my other favourite stories of all times MOMO which I didn’t realise until years later. Now thats a dark story ! Hmmm maybe thats why  I was a melancholy child.

One Comment on “Had to share this, Neverending Story”

  1. abbyrae33 says:

    Oh my goodness gracious! The Neverending Story!!! I yearned to have an attic to go up in on rainy days~and I, too was absolutely crushed when Artax sinks into oblivion:( but I wouldn’t have dared to turn the damn thing off! haha Oh, and Jonathan Brandis was pathetic in the the second one!!

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