Cute kid, photoshop sketch

sketch of kid in photoshop 

Cute Korean kid

I couldn’t resist tracing a photo of a cute korean kid. I found it on someone’s blog and although I had full intention of posting a link to the blog I now can’t find it again. So sorry if you recoginse this please let me know and I’ll post a link back. I did this in photoshop drawing the basic shapes with the pen tool, then filling them with appropriate colours. I then did layers of shadow and highlight brushwork with softer edges, blurs and noise. I would show you what the original looked like but I feel I can’t really until I find the context it came from. It was about doing pictures in the foam of your coffee.

I’m sure there are people who do this technique a lot better than me but this was  a start and I’m sure I’ll get better. The only thing is  I don’t think I quite managed to capture the smirk. Facial expressions are so subtle and the merest inaccuracy of line can alter them dramatically.

Found it!

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  1. Kenneth Merrick says:


  2. Hi, you can email the owner of picture of the girl at 🙂

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