Captain Kirk would kick this monsters butt

illustration of monster one

Monster Mandela One

Creative challenge on target

Day two in blogoshere and still alive. If I were Captain Kirk I would have seduced someone beautiful and had a fist-fight with an alien being by now. Actually feeling stupidly happy that one whole person “liked” my post. Funny the things that can make your day. Anyhoo I guess the other part of my being stupid-happy is that I have managed to create something. I know it’s early days but so far the concept of having something to share with the group is working. Last night I went home and did an illustration or painting. Not sure what to label it as its a bit of both. This was made easier by the fact that Master:3 had decided he would like to do a painting of a submarine for me in the morning. (I will borrow the format from women’s magazines of referring to my child as Master and by age. I have noticed other women on blogs do not refer to their children by name presumably to protect them from pedophiles, I don’t know, I’m guessing.)

child painting

Master Painting (was not 3 in this photo)

Strategically placed paper and watercolours

I managed to defer Master:3’s random Picasso urge with a promise of “after creche” and as we had strategically placed the paper and watercolours on the table they acted as a reminder when I got home. I artfully segued from a game of cars into a painting session. My son has a set of pan watercolours which I think are the easiest thing to use with kids as they don’t end up with spodges of thick paint on their persons and clothing. He refuses to use a painting apron anymore. (I know I’m weak.) However I did find that since the colour pans often end up with a lot of water on them the paint had crumbled and I had to throw some flakes out. After setting him up with said watercolours I headed to the dinner table where I could use my expensive watercolour paper and cheap tube watercolour paints in peace. Or so I thought. Of course it wasn’t long before Master:3 wanted to join me and insisted on using a space on my page and getting to squeeze out his own paint from the tubes. This is annoying because it’s all about the squeezing and not so much the using. I have to remind myself that the more positive I am with him around art and my materials the more he will enjoy art and want to keep doing it so I refrained from getting tetchy. Plus I’m using cheap watercolours too so a little wastage isn’t a crime.

Monster Illustration

Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing what to draw so I riffed off something already on my page and drew a monster. Master:3 also painted a “big black monster”. Here’s his:

childs watercolour

My son painted a monster too.

One Comment on “Captain Kirk would kick this monsters butt”

  1. Yay, can’t wait to see what you and Master:3 come up with.

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