Ask an adult to help

snail illustration

My snail illustration (digital)

Have had coffee, have had cake so now’s as good a time as any to start “Ask an adult to help” a personal blog about generally being creative and trying to make stuff. I say “trying” because being a full-time graphic designer and mother of one there are challenges and time restraints. However I figure overcoming challenges, garnering support and encouragement from peers, sharing tips and trials and reinforcing motivation is what blogging is all about. So here goes nothing and everything united.

Bear with me. The first few days will of course be the inevitable snail-like activity of figuring out how to make a post, how to add an image, how to find my way around. My god you should see how long it took me to pick a theme. Indecision Queen! But beyond that I will attempt to …here comes the self-challenge part. What challenge do I want to issue to myself? This is a very important step. I’ve been reading Richard Wiseman‘s book “59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot” and he says that if you want to achieve a goal one of the things that has been proven to be effective is to tell other people what you intend to do then the shame of potentially failing in public will spur you to action.

The Challenge

I Paula Egginton challenge myself, under the watchful eye of the blogging and surfing community, to make and upload one new creation a week. Duh da da! (eerie organ music). Now to those of you without children that may sound pathetic. To those of you ‘with’, you understand the Everest sized proportions of the challenge. You see I have a confession to make. Please don’t judge me but when I put my child to sleep, I fall asleep too. I have no evenings. So I’m going a little easy on myself and suggesting that if I manage to post one thing a week from any of my many areas of interest that you may let me off the hook of public shame.

My Ubergoal

My ubergoal, if you like, is to increase creative productivity. One of my underling goals (was going to call them subgoals but that sounds like dull business speak) is to see if I can narrow down my plethora of interests and put a spotlight onto something that I do well, then do it better. I’ve done a lot of reading about psychology and nueroplasticity and I read somewhere that if you want to be really good at something you need to spend a lot of time doing it. Sounds kind of obvious but its not because we entertain a culturally learned fallacy that people who are good at stuff are talented. Now I’ve had arguments with people on this point so I’m making it clear that I’m not saying that talent doesn’t exist or play a part just that we overweight it. Find anyone who is brilliant at what they do to the point of genius and according to Malcolm Gladwell‘s book “Outliers” they have probably spent 10,000 hours doing their thing. Now thats a hard number of hours to find spare in your life and it leaves one feeling a little deflated at the prospects. However my reaction has been I need to find my focus and find it fast so that I can at least have a hope of putting in enough hours to get ‘great’ at something. My weakness has always been that I have too many interests and spread myself thin accumulating in little effect. So I’m asking your help, I guess, in that when I post creations can you please let me know if you like it and then maybe I’ll find that focus.

One last bleat. Whats with the title? For now I’m calling it “Ask an adult to help” because when you’re a kid and you’re attempting a craft project when it gets to the tricky bit they always say “Ask an adult to help with this next bit” and I surmise that if I get stuck there might be a few sewers, felters, painters, writers, doodlers, craftspeople, woodworkers, nueroscientists, barristas and the like out there willing to give tips. Likewise if I can help you by giving you advise on what font to choose for your wedding invitation or on what colour contrasts nicely with prussian blue, give me a tinkle (in the web sense). Newb blogger out.

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